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eX-Control & Distribution Systems

Product range : The extensive CEAG product range offers everything you‘re looking for – just in time: no matter whether you need a flameproof encapsulated component, an encapsulation of the components in a flameproof enclosure or a combination of both.

eX-Safety & Main Current Switches

CEAG safety features : Safety and main current switches can be protected against inadvertent switching on by our integrated locking facility for up to three padlocks in the OFF position. To prevent manipulations, the enclosure covers cannot be opened in the locked position without destroying the enclosure itself.

eX-Control Units & Control Stations

Reliable control of processes : Even under the most adverse conditions, CEAG control stations can be used and operated reliably. The enclosures consist of low-temperature impact-resistant thermoplastic which fulfills the requirements of EN 60079 and provides a high resistance to chemicals. The well thought out design with low side walls allows optimum cable connection.

eX-Linear Light Fittings

Depending on the application, the light fittings can be equipped with a large variety of
lamps and reflectors. The criteria for the selection of the types of lamps and reflectors are basically determined by the type of lighting required (illumination of surfaces or objects, etc.) and the economic efficiency. When planning a lighting installation, the polar curves of the luminous intensity of the light fittings being used are required in order to calculate the illumination distribution.

Junction Boxes & Terminal Enclosures

Apparatus which do not create arcing or sparking or exceed max. permissible surface temperatures during normal operating conditions can be used in accordance with the European standard EN 60079-7 – , Ex-e“ in hazardous areas of Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22.
All CEAG junction and terminal boxes are manufactured according to this standard.
Unused cable entry holes are to be closed using either a certified screw or blanking plug. Terminal boxes can be subsequently re-fitted or upgraded with certified cable glands according to national regulations and the manufacturers recommendations.

Electrical Connectivity

The key to safety: Plugs and receptacles with a cleverness: The innovative coding of apparatus allows plugs used for Zone 1 to be used in receptacles for Zone 2 and/or for usage with industrial receptacles as well. Hence, plugs and receptacles for Zone 1 can be used anywhere. However, by the same token, the coding ensures that Zone 2 plugs cannot be operated in sockets with Zone 1 coding. That guarantees safety with an enormous flexibility in their usage. Speaking of flexibility: It goes without saying that the plugs of the existing range also fit into the new receptacles.

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